" When cooking for someone, only serve them a dish that you would absolutely love being served to you! "

When you put your heart and soul into cooking, superb quality comes naturally. Your clients are trusting you not only with their nutrition, but with a deep culinary enjoyment and atmosphere.

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" I have cooked private meals for celebrities, public officials, royalty, and high-net-worth families. "

Although discretion, respect, presentation, and impeccable attention to flavour are of utmost importance, as soon as they took their first bite a friendlier relationship developed, each of which I have cherished over the years.

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Top Clients

Just a small selection of clientele over the years . . .

Prince Andrew, Duke of York
The Prime Minister of St. Vincent & the Grenadines also liked my cooking...
Franco Taruschio OBE, world-renowned chef, Walnut Tree Inn. He still says he'll never top what we did at the Abergavenny Food Festival back then...
Let's just call him Mr. X and leave it at that, shall we?
I cooked a private dinner for two Michellin-Star chefs - Angela Hartnett and Neil Borthwick... How does that happen? !

As well as some corporate clients: Hilton, Barceló, Maracas Bay, The Chancellor Hotel, United Services Mess Cardiff, among others...

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We were on a family holiday in Paphos in July 2016 and hired Ivor for 5 nights in a row. Saying that we loved the meal would be an understatement... The food was excellent. The variety was amazing - every evening we entered a new country's atmosphere through Ivor's cooking: France, Spain, England, national Greek cuisine, and even India (one of the more memorable ones!). Ivor and his wife Asha are true professionals in their craft and are generally really lovely people. We gladly write this review and recommend them to others!

Betty K, England

Ivor is one of the best chefs that we have ever met. Easy to talk to, adapting to our requests, a wide selection of dishes from various cuisines to choose from, attention to detail, and a clean kitchen! Everything deserves high praise. Bravo!

Sabrina L, France

We enjoyed everything! Highly recommended.

Angela & John White, Monaco

Ivor was our Head Chef and had sole responsibility for the running of our kitchens, averaging thirty five covers per night. I have found him to be extremely professional, flexible, and pleasant. The quality and presentation of his food has always been of a high standard and he has regularly received compliments from guests at the hotel.

Janet Bocanegro, Area Manager of Club Hotels, Mt. Blanc, St. Gervais


Open to possibilities:

Cuisines available:

My Stories

" Everything is possible - you just need to figure out how... "

That is the guiding principle in my life. When someone tells me "Ivor, that's not possible!" I show them otherwise.

Mushroom Farm in Trinidad

27 years old and a desire to grow mushrooms... It started in my grandfather's basement, with bits and pieces of knowledge stuck together from the few books available at that time on the topic of starting a mushroom farm. Bare enthusiasm and a desire to achieve success carved out an unlikely path toward a functioning project, investment, and eventually the growth into a large, successful, commercial company. Not to mention that this lead me to the best bonus of all - meeting my amazing wife Asha.

Hydroponic Vegetable & Herb Farm

This project - Hydro Fresh Produce - started with yet another "Ivor, don't even think about it!" And here we are - 2 years into it and proving them wrong yet again. At this stage in my life, the Hydro Fresh Produce hydroponic farm is a logical addition to my culinary career and a huge playground for personal development and experimentation.

How many chefs can say they grow their own greens, not to mention using innovative technologies?

Sailing and Traveling

I think I've spent at least half my life travelling: Trinidad and Tobago, America, England, France, Spain - that's just a portion of the countries that I've visited in my journeys, both recreationally and professionally, but more often than not on a boat. Sailing is a deep passion and my third love (my wife being the first, and food being the second).

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